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Welcome home to yourself.

Are you ready to become who you are in your heart of hearts? The INFx Project is a home for Introverted iNtuitive Feeler types, who wish to actualise their full potential in life.


This page is not for those of us who want to stay in our wounding. It is also not for those of us who hold others responsible for their happiness. INFx Project is for INF types who are ready, really READY to actualise and to live the life they were born to live. 


Whether you are a Visionary, an Advocate, a Protector or a Mediator, we welcome you with open arms! This hub is where mature INFJs and INFPs live and learn authentically according to their life's purpose. Authenticity is where the magical connections happen between your rich inner world, and the external world of real-time possibilities.


Welcome on board. We are so happy to have you. 

become the master of



Mastering life can be challenging at the best of times. It requires self examination, exploration, kindness and ability to shift perspective. If you are ready to master your own life, you are in the right place.


By integrating all parts of you, you become an authentic and sovereign being, who can actualise their purpose every single day. If you feel you're ready, start unveiling yourself. 

stop talking


Few people understand the level of commitment INFxs offer to the world. Even as a young child, we learn that the world is a serious place. As we grow up and begin to yearn for a community, we accept that we need to carry our share of responsibilities, as well as help others carry theirs. Since we see the bigger picture, we naturally assume a lot of responsibility for ourselves and our community.


We love to help people; we love to show up and pull our own weight, but most importantly, we have an innate need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – something that makes our hearts sing. We need a purpose, but getting there takes work.

The biggest wound of an INFx, the self-sacrificing wound, is what stops us from pursuing our dreams and becoming the fullest expression of ourselves.


Without purpose, our life feels somewhat incomplete. After all, we know in our heart of hearts that there is so much more to life than what is right now. We need a purpose so that we don’t just exist at the receiving end of the world and others’ emotions. Just being a conduit for the emotions of others is not enough for the balanced INFx.

Overcome your Wounding


Our wounds are great reminders of our resilience. Without the wounding life experiences, we would not have developed the depth of wisdom, understanding, and ability to recover from things. Recovery, just like any other life skill, improves with practice, and while I’m not suggesting that you go and create drama to be able to practice recovery, I ask you not to run from it either.

If you choose to face the everyday struggles with authenticity and kindness, toward yourself and others, you give your inner resilience an opportunity to grow. But if you want to know what your purpose is, you have to be willing to go the distance.

Depending on the depth of your wounding, and the level of your conditioning, your path to healing can be a lot like peeling an onion: you need to do it one layer at a time.

Here's what people are saying about us:

“I really want you to know how much you have changed my life. Your teachings are truly amazing, I wish they taught me this stuff in school. I’ve never felt more me!"

R.W. NSW, Australia

"I had no idea how unaware of myself I was till I met you. Things make sense to me now, my past, my present, relationships & I’m able to understand myself, feel my feelings and cope with life in general.”


“With your profound intuition you were able to speak for those parts of me that I had never given a voice to, and didn’t know how to articulate. By speaking for those parts of me, you allowed me to see them and begin, slowly, to speak for them myself."

M.Q. NSW, Australia

I am gradually shedding the people in my life who create drama and negativity, who try to project their insecurities onto me – I now have the tools to see them and prevent them from making an impact on my life (or as big an impact) – this is very empowering!”

L.T. NSW, Australia

“You’ve helped me get in touch with my little girl, and helped ensure that she is a priority. You also gave me the inspiration to set up my company, which is invaluable. You were also there for me whenever I needed guidance. For those things and many more, I am forever grateful dear Merja.”

M.D. QLD, Australia

"If I had known about your teachings as a teenager, I would have had a happier life. But thank heavens I know about it now. I'm 49 and I've never been more in charge of my life and my future. I love your work, it has given me another chance. Thank you."

L.G. Zurich, Switzerland

Self Parenting

The Key to happiness

Your inner parent is the person who has the wisdom to connect the inner child and the adult self. Without a healthy relationship between the inner child and adult self, the inner parent realizes that you as a person stay incomplete. Therefore, your inner parent acts as a bridge between your adult self and your inner child. The inner parent’s job is to be the guide and the biggest supporter of your inner child. The inner parent is the person who can parent the inner child into letting the adult self hold the compass. But before this can happen, the bridge between the inner child and the adult self must be built and strengthened, which is why uncovering your purpose can take some time.

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