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INFx Deep Dive Group Mentoring

Are you ready to jump into the depths of who you are and return with the treasures that will serve the world?


A large number of our INFx Unveiled graduates want to go deeper into mastering their lives.


INFx Deep Dive
12 month Group Mentoring Programme 


Group 1

Thursdays 6am AEST
(Thursdays 8pm London time*)

Group 2
Fridays 11am AEST
(Thursday 8pm New York time*)

*Please note that as different hemispheres move to and away from daylight savings, it's possible that your session times may change.


This next level Programme is right for you if:

  • Instead of building elaborate fantasies to feel better, you want to build an elaborate reality, so that you can live a happy and meaningful life.

  • You seek to solidify the learnings from INFx Unveiled across the following areas of your life: Health, Vocation and Money, and Relationships 

  • You want more in depth exercises for specific paths and challenges of your journey

  • You would like to actualise through real life support and feedback on your starting point and your desired end result.

  • You yearn for organic, conscious growth in your journey and you prefer to share it with a supportive peer group.

  • You are ready to prioritize yourself and make a real commitment to your journey.



This Programme will offer you

  • A safe & encouraging place to reflect on your story, and how it may or may not serve you right now.

  • Accountability to ensure a follow through with exercises, which are designed to challenge you in specific ways to inspire positive and sustainable growth.

  • A deeper sense of belonging for our rare types and our specific, intricate challenges.

  • A deep, organic learning experience not just from your own experience, but from other's journeys alongside yours.

This 36 session programme is divided into 3 terms: Health, Vocation and money, and Relationships. You can find a more thorough outline of the programme here.

Please note that this programme is reserved ONLY for people who have completed the INFx Unveiled Course and who are ready to go deeper into self actualization. 

How it all runs in practice? 


The group mentoring calls run at 2 hours each, 3 times per month, always at the same time, on the same day of the week. We run the group mentoring on weeks 1, 2 and 4 of every month (Australian time).

Sequence of events:

1. You receive your lesson recording no later than 1 week before your next group mentoring call.


2. You will be asked to study your current lesson recording (between 15 and 30 minute long audio file), complete the relevant homework and forward your findings and observations back to the facilitator in advance of the group mentoring call.

3. During the group mentoring call (120 minutes divided between the participants) the facilitator works with each of you in order to gain individual clarity on the biggest learnings from your current lesson recording. While working with each participant, others in the group listen in and hold space. If the participant is open to it, others may be invited to give short and relevant feedback.

The maximum amount of participants per group is 12. 


"It has been a few months since I participated in the INFx deep dive program, and I can definitely say that the course has improved my life a lot. Before I participated, the biggest challenge that I had was this: I knew that I needed to change certain aspects of my life, but I didn't know exactly what to change.


It was as if so many of my different issues were tangled to each other that I was completely clueless as to what to do. I've always felt as if I was looking at a pile of mess that was too big to get rid of, overwhelmed and exhausted.


Merja has helped me understand how to dissect these problems into bite-sized pieces, and overcome each of them.


One of the things that I really like about Merja is that she understands the nature of my personality, and I don't need to go through the trouble of explaining how I am different from other people.(I am an INFP male.)


At some point in my life I gave up on looking for a life mentor because nobody seemed to really get me, but Merja changed all of that. I am glad that I found a good human being who has walked the path that I am walking, guiding me to the right direction. Thanks Merja!" I.K.

"Merja's teachings and personal insights have already helped me to understand so much more about myself and how to process and work through issues from my past and anything new that comes up.  Instead of seeing the drawbacks of my 'INFPness', I am actually thrilled and excited at how a healthy INFP shows up in the world and I'm confident that I can achieve that level of health.

I cannot recommend this course enough.  There is so much content and value in the material that I already revisit it over and over to cement the learnings into my brain.  But it's delivered in bite size pieces so it's not overwhelming.  I am continually challenged with every assignment, but not in an intimidating way.


I intend to continue to review the material for years to come.  It's like I'm being given the secret manual to understanding myself.  The live coaching sessions really help me to more deeply understand the material and apply it to my own life.  


The live sessions are truly invaluable and allow me to really act on the work in my world to achieve my own transformation. (That part of REALLY ACTING on the work is key for my type!!)  Listening in to the other participant's coaching sessions gives me a glimpse of what's to come (from those farther along) and a good review (from those who started later) as well.  


Thank you Merja for your work and the Deep Dive program -- it is truly life-changing and so needed in our world!!  I cannot wait to see what the rest of this program brings!!" U.S.

Enrollments closed.
Expressions of interest can be made through clicking the button below.
Thank you! 
Here's what people are saying about Deep Dive:

"The INFx Unveiled was profound, but the INFx Deep Dive brings is to the next level. This is a challenging progamme for people who want to be brought to higher level of self acceptance and self knowledge. INF types are blessed to have Merja's guidance, mentoring and insights. This programme is truly life transforming. " A-M.K.

"As a direct result of the Deep Dive program I have taken on several challenges that I otherwise never would have. I am learning to acknowledge my innate value and how to prioritize myself. I’ve been able to learn how to manage situations where I’m triggered and continuing to learn how to snap out of the inner story I get stuck in. 


I’m eternally grateful for Merja and her work in the INFx Unveiled and Deep Dive programs as they’ve led me to become an increasingly more resilient person.


The results are exceeding any expectations I could have ever had. I still have a lot to learn but I know that I have a great support system to get me through the challenges and to achieve the transformation that I’m seeking in order to feel actualized in my life." J.C.

"I am a seasoned trekker on the self discovery road and have spent most of my life working towards being a whole, dynamic, authentic version of myself. As an INFJ, Highly Sensitive Person, and empath I have felt uncomfortable in this world most of my life. The years have had their share of trauma and pain which left me quite scarred and residing in a self induced, emotionally void existence.


I have developed quite a box of self discovery implements which have been instrumental in the profound progress I have made through the years of this work but I always sensed there was something missing.  A consistent, engaging way of relating to my inner world was lacking.  Inner child and self parenting work was not new to me but my previous forays there always felt me feeling that I had just skimmed the surface of what could and needed to be done. There is a way to navigate the vast landscape of my mind, like a new language to become fluent in.


 I have found this vital tool through my work with Merja and her projects. I was introduced to it in the INFx Unveiled Program and it is being mastered now within the Deep Dive sessions. I am confident that I found what I have been seeking as it resonates with me on a soul level.

The group mentoring calls that are part of the INFx Deep Dive have been life altering for me as well. This program is a gift I have given myself and I vowed to push myself by being as open and honest as possible. Merja truly sees you and holds you in such compassionate regard that you feel safe enough to show those sides of yourself that rarely see the light of day. Those sides that are holding you back from being the person you know you are meant to be.


With Merja’s support and wise counsel, I have been able to sit with these parts and see them for what they genuinely are.  These moments of truth and transformation have left me speechless and in tears as I feel within me monsters that have haunted me my whole life shatter. This work is not for the weak of heart but fear not the intensity nor the wildness as the rewards are priceless." D.M.N.

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