INFx Unveiled Home Study Course

Here's what people are saying about INFx Unveiled:

Do you suffer from insecurity, fear or anxiety?

Are you tired of not being "good enough"?
Are you yearning to be accepted and loved, just as you are?

Are you exhausted from serving others deeply without reciprocation or acknowledgement?


Imagine being able to ask for what you need.

Imagine having your deepest, most tender needs met without a struggle.

Imagine knowing how to follow your inner wisdom.

What would you do with your life?


This pre-recorded course will get your personal development foundation in place. This foundation will serve you throughout the rest of your life, as it is the very basis of who you are. And even if you never do any personal development work past the INFx Unveiled course, you will learn how to

  • Listen to and harness your inner wisdom.

  • Stay on your true path in the face of adversity and distractions.

  • Set boundaries so that you can grow into who you truly are.

  • Find your way home to the truest version of your authentic self.

  • Create deeper, more intimate relationships with those you love.

  • Recognize past traumas that are still programming your behaviour this very day.

  • Navigate through past and present traumas and release them from your life gradually, but sustainably.

  • Start discovering your purpose and your greatest gifts to the world.

  • Unlock your innate creative side and break through your personal ‘creative blocks’.

  • Become your own best friend and mentor.

The innate wisdom and sense of wonder of your type is much needed in the world. If you commit to answering Merja’s questions and implementing the reflections of guidance, this course has the power to change your life,  just like it has already transformed the lives of hundreds of INF types all over the world.

Merja Sumiloff, an INFJ, specializes in unraveling the unique facets of INF types so that you not only better understand yourself but are able to celebrate your uniqueness in the wider world. Read more about Merja's own healing journey.

This course is an investment in yourself, and the cost of this investment is AU$159.00. And just to further honor your steps into personal integration, we want to extend you our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for this course.

Session 1: The Chameleon Effect

The Chameleon Effect does have its uses but is detrimental when you unpack and live there.

On this Session you will learn:

1. Why INFs often camouflage themselves

2. How will this camouflage stop us from living authentically

3. What are the benefits of being a Chameleon

4. Exercises to harness the Chameleon Effect

5. Most common Q&A 


Session 2: The Inner Child

When you are first introduced to this concept of the inner child, you may feel overwhelmed by the distance between them and you. Not to worry! This session is about building and fortifying the bridge between the two of you!

On this Session you will learn:

1. How to recognize those pesky childhood traumas that are still programming your behavior

2. How those traumas have held us back in the past, and how they have transformed into cellular memory trauma

3. The benefits of releasing cellular memory trauma and harnessing the power of your childhood experiences

4. Exercises to heal cellular memory trauma

5. Most common Q&A

Session 3: The Inner Parent

Parenting is hard at the best of times, but finding harmony between your adult self and your inner child can be the biggest challenge of your life. Incidentally, it is also the most rewarding journey you will take into personal empowerment.

On this Session you will learn:

1. To choose the suitable parenting style for you

2. How to set boundaries with your inner child

3. How to celebrate the inner child's uniqueness and how to harness it

4. Exercises to integrate both inner child and inner parent into everyday life

5. Most common Q&A

Session 4: Adult Self - the integration

As soon as you integrate you inner child and your inner parent, your authentic, sovereign adult self begins to emerge. This raising of who you TRULY are will give you the feeling of completion or the sense of being something more expansive than the sum of the inner parent and inner child. Your Whole Adult self will begin the true journey "home".

On this Session you will learn:

1. Who you really are underneath your childhood trauma and past experiences

2. What some of your greatest gift to the world are

3. How to begin to take steps towards actualizing that gift

4. Exercises on how to stay true to your path in the face of distraction

5. Most common Q&A

"I'm an INFJ who has for years been mistyped as INFP, so strong is the chameleon effect you talk about on this course. Having worked with the exercises you gave us, and having put aside my inner INFJ-INFP battle, I was able to emerge as the individual that I am past all these labels. It's a relief to know that while I know identify as an INFJ, I can love and cherish my inner child's creative, story-telling INFPness without making myself wrong on any level. Thank you for embracing me as me, a sovereign individual. I feel like from that embrace, I can be free to go for what is right for me in my life." 
M.M. London, England

"This course is insightful & revealing - I recently discovered that I am an INFJ and doing this course has opened a door to my inner sanctum sanctorum and i can honestly say I finally feel at home in my own being."

A.L. QLD, Australia

"INFx Unveiled course made me feel at home in myself while at the same time giving me tools for better self exploration. I am an INFP and as such often have trouble feeling understood when doing 'self empowerment' type work due to the specifically changeable, layered nature of my personality - but this course was spot on for me. Merja hits the big issues and questions right between the eyes with a no nonsense yet truly nurturing methodology, that is practical as well as emotional. Would highly recommend it to other INF types and I will continue to refer back to the course notes in times of struggle."

M. Q. NSW, Australia

"This course has helped me understand that I was parenting my inner child with the ‘authoritarian’ parenting style and my physical children with the ‘authoritative’ parenting style and this was causing resentment. What I enjoyed most about the course was that instead of just leaving me there with a massive ‘a-ha’ moment but nothing really tangible to do about it – that Merja provided many tools that allowed me to do the work for myself to move through my realisations into actualising what I really wanted when I felt ready." 

S.C. NSW, Australia

"As an INFP I frequently found my work suffering because of some issue I could not put my finger on.  The INFx course helped me to understand that inner harmony is paramount for me. I tried out the suggestion from the course to arrange my environment how I want it, and then to look after myself properly before attempting to be productive. Now I am about twice as productive, in less time and I make a bigger difference for people and make a lot more money. That one tweak has done so much more than that for me both in my relationship and in connecting with my children. I am listening to the course again because it is so full of gems that I know I missed the first time." 

P. H. NSW, Australia

"I always knew there was much more to life than what my parents taught me. I know it's because of their cognitive functions that they never embraced or even understood my intuitive side. For most of my growing up years I felt so alone, and like there was something wrong with me. Having done your INFx Unveiled course, I can now embrace my INFJ-ness. It feels like I belong somewhere, like I have a place in the world from which I can create on a very deep and necessary level. I am forever grateful for your work."
E.H. Dublin, Ireland 


Please note that INFx Unveiled is a pre-recorded home study course, and as such live interaction with the mentor is not possible. If you have questions regarding the course material, please refer to our Q&A, and if that gives you no joy, please feel free to contact us by email at Enjoy! 

We offer a 30-day
Money Back Guarantee for all our courses.

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