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INFx Mastermind

Unlock everything you have learned so far


Have you done plenty of personal development work but have not quite got the results that you were looking for?


You may be missing a key component in your training: embodying your learnings.

Embodying your learnings allows you to actualise the learnings rather than just intellectualising them. This is precisely what most people struggle with: translating the inner integration into an outside form and reality.

Most INFJs and INFPs are great at internalising knowledge and understanding learnings on a profound level, but our biggest challenge is how to transform the knowledge and learnings into an everyday reality. As introverts, facing inwards with our knowledge is easy, but embodying the knowledge requires us to face outwards into the world with our learnings. It doesn't matter if the subject is a sense of belonging, relationships, vocation, money or something else, this inward facing preference can keep us INF types from living a happy and fulfilling life. 


Let's use relationships as an example. Think about the last time you learned a specific thing about intimate relationships, for example you and your partner having different love languages. Intellectually, you understand that you prefer quality time, whereas your partner prefers acts of service, but when it comes to you trying to carry out acts of service to show your partner that you love them, it feels strange and can even feel inauthentic. But, because you love your partner, you end up giving it a go anyway. In best case scenarios, we persevere with the attempts to learn to communicate in their love language. After about 30 times, we begin to see some level of fluidity in us speaking our partner’s language. In worst case scenarios, we try something a couple of times. Because it feels difficult and inauthentic for us, we give up and revert back into our old ways.

This is a perfect example of how turning inward with knowledge, ie. simply understanding that your love languages are different, will not be enough to change the relationship for the better. You need to learn how to take the knowledge and face outward with it. Everybody fails when they learn new things. While failure can be uncomfortable, it's good to have a safe space in which you can practice without the fear of rejection or ridicule. We, here at the INFx Project, believe that a failure is an event and not a person. We understand that failure is a key part of learning to face outward with our learnings and we endorse "failing forward"proactively. 


So, to really change your reality, you need to embody your learnings by facing outward and failing forward. 


Embodying your learnings allows you to transform your sense of belonging, your relationships, your vocation and your financial situation just to mention a few. With this embodiment, thousands of our clients have found their place in the world, transformed their relationships (or found new, more compatible relationships), found their personal purpose path and gone from being too afraid to look at their finances into building independent wealth in manageable steps.


The steps are as follows:

1. Knowing/clarifying the direction you want to go

2. Identifying the problem and its root cause, and

3. Tapping into your genius that will carry out your knowledge embodiment.

This Mastermind event helps you with the 3 integral steps in bringing your inner learnings into an outside reality. If you are ready to tap into your inner Mastermind, join us on this interactive INFx Mastermind series of recordings led by Merja Sumiloff, a mentor of mentors and a veteran of INFJ and INFP healing and achievement work. This series of 6 recordings is specifically designed for INFJs and INFPs who are ready to begin to take all their previous learnings and start turning their inner vision into an outer life reality.

This Mastermind series consists of 12 hours of recorded group calls with Merja. Each of these 6 calls is 2 hours long and includes

  • a 90 minute "theory session", where Merja goes through the most commonly asked questions by INFJs and INFPs. 

  • a 30 minute 1-2-1 mentoring session available for a “Dip Deep” participant to workshop through their current and specific circumstances in real time. All participants get to listen in on this session in real time. 

  • Possibility of further Q&A with Merja on the call (time allowing). If we run over time, which often happens in these dynamic events, we invite you to compile any follow-up questions that arose for you by email:

Cost - All prices are in Australian dollars


We are looking forward to working with you to turn your inner vision

into an outer world reality.

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