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The perfect blend of insight, experience and willingness to serve.


Merja Sumiloff, MBTI, ITEC, SAHIMM

Founder, Author, Integration Master Mentor

Merja Sumiloff (INFJ) is a certified MBTI practitioner and the author of 12 personal and business development courses including the INFx Unveiled course (healing course for INFJs and INFPs. Merja is the Governing Elder of the Sumiloff Academy of Human Integation, an online personal and professional development safe house for all types, but heavily supporting introverts and INFPs and INFJs. You can join the online academy at


Her profound ability to use her painful past as a light for others, and her tender but no-nonsense approach are precisely what make her work so leading edge, and able to transform the lives of so many.


Farita Tyrrell

Learning Support Officer

Farita (INFJ) supports our students to make most of their journey. Farita is currently studying to become a certified Integration Mentor. Her speciality is to support and challenge our students and her clients to grow and to care for themselves in the process. Her no-nonsense practical approach to life is why our students call her our "Mumsie". 

Janna Suarez, SAHIIM

Integration Mentor, Facilitator

Janna (INFP) has always had a passion for psychology and personal development since college. She elected Business Administration in an effort to be more practical and saw this as a form of applied psychology. After feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world she went on a search for purpose and came across the INFx Project through which she did a lot of personal work. Janna s passionate about serving others by connecting on a personal level.

"Merja has taken her painful past and turned it into a hopeful future for INFJs and INFPs



"INFx Project work is leading edge. It keeps bringing you further and further into yourself, until you achieve what you set out to do. Without this guidance, I would not be the published author I am today. "
H.M. Barcelona, Spain


“I feel more confident. I am more aware of myself and my thoughts. And why I am the way that I am. I’ve been out of my comfort zone quite a few times and it hasn’t been the massive blow that it might have been in the past. I don’t feel as anxious or bone deep tired I once felt.”

C.B. NSW, Australia

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