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Last Chance to Join the Deep Dive Program

Enrolments for the INFx Deep Dive – our year long group mentoring program - will close May 31st. Join now if you’re ready to take your personal development to the next level with the support and accountability from our INFx team.

We will not be offering this program again in its current format, so this is your last chance to join! If you would like to know more, email us at

For more information about the program, click here


Term 1 HEALTH Modules and lessons:

  1. Type health

  2. Attachment to type and driver/copilot processes, and the shadow side

  3. Balancing the inferior processes

  4. Deep transformation of inner parenting

  5. Emotional health

  6. Your introverted loop

  7. The "story" that is running your life

  8. Your triggering

  9. Psychological health

  10. Strengthening your psyche

  11. Self sabotage

  12. Deepening your consciousness

  13. Physical health

  14. Transformation of Cellular Memory

  15. Transformation of Stress and Anxiety

  16. Your thriving physical body

Term 2: VOCATION Modules and lessons:

  1. The Inner Creatrix

  2. Your inner creative power

  3. What stops creativity?

  4. Create your own "story"

  5. Service of others

  6. How to affect the world by just being you

  7. How you learn is how you succeed

  8. Boundaries of service

  1. Money

  2. Management

  3. Accumulation of wealth for introverted feeler types

  4. Limiting beliefs

  1. Purpose

  2. Your healing message

  3. Actualization of your purpose

  4. Giving your message a voice


Modules and lessons:

  1. Communication

  2. Main reasons INFs sabotage their relationships

  3. How to transform your current relationship

  4. Build the relationship of your dreams

  5. Boundaries - living your authentic freedom

  6. Healthy boundaries

  7. Recovering from no boundaries

  8. Growth and your existing fear based boundaries

  9. Gender work

  10. Essence of the Feminine

  11. Essence of the Masculine

  12. Bridging the gender gap

  13. Growth within relationships

  14. Relationships responsibilities

  15. Your emotions, your contribution

  16. Get your deepest needs met

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