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Quick Tips #7: Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Question: I suffer from chronic stress and anxiety and have been recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. It takes me forever to recover even from a common cold and I feel like I could literally sleep for weeks. I just want to go into hibernation. How much should I push myself?

What a great question. Let’s talk about adrenal exhaustion first, because it is important to understand how it happens altogether.

Adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion is about being so overrun by stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, that your adrenal glands, situated on top of your kidneys, are overstretched. Your body is running on adrenaline and cortisol most of the time, and when that happens, different parts of your body shut down. Your calcium and especially magnesium supplies diminish. Your digestive system is not functioning as it should.

After a while your body is completely run down and the adrenal glands are no longer able to produce the “adrenaline energy” you need in order to keep going, causing a big massive crash.

It doesn’t surprise me to hear that you want to sleep for weeks, especially when you suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. They sow the seeds of adrenal fatigue, which leads you not being able to recover from the common cold, or not being able to do anything other than sleep.

How far should you push yourself?

Adrenal exhaustion is a ticket to a train called depression. It feels like you’re running knee high in tar trying to get things done and if you don’t stop and look after yourself, you will start to become depressed. You need to stop pushing yourself and start your recovery process by following these simple steps:

  • Rest time and sufficient sleep

This is your first priority. Start by writing down resting times in your diary. Book in the down time before you book in anything else. The world still keeps turning and your life still goes on, but try to cut back on your commitments, keeping only the most important ones.

  • Right kind of nutrition

Look into adding probiotics and prebiotics in your diet. They are great restorative supplements in helping your gut flora to recover. Make sure your diet consists of foods which are easily digestible. Make sure your diet is low in sugar. The sugar molecules effectively use up the molecules for magnesium, and to some degree calcium as well. If you are addicted to sugar, caffeine, alcohol or any other diuretic substance, it is important to start restoring your magnesium and calcium supply, and start to wean yourself off of those substances.

When I suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and adrenal fatigue type symptoms and want to substitute coffee, I prepare a drink with raw cacao, macaw powder and Chinese adrenal stress reducing herbs together with a bit of coconut oil and honey, just to make it more palatable.

Additionally, you can look into the blood type diet or get a DNA-test, which gives you information about the most suitable foods for you.

  • Restoring magnesium levels

A great way to help you recover from magnesium loss is to get a flotation in a sensory deprivation tank. You can also do recovery work at home by purchasing Epsom salt and taking foot baths every day for a few weeks.

There are thousands of people suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic stress and anxiety. You are not alone. However, the good news is that there are thousands of people who have overcome them, firstly by getting rid of the adrenal fatigue followed by personal development work. Once you have done adrenal recovery, you can come back to us. We are happy to offer helping tools to get you out of the chronic stress and anxiety cycles.

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