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Quick Tips #19: Fe vs. Fi

Question: "I have been thinking a lot about feelings. Especially between INFJ and INFP.

I'm INFJ, so extroverted feeling is my auxiliary function and I really do get that it's about harmony and making sure that everyone around me is in harmony with each other, including myself.

I'm really happy when I'm doing this. Where I get hung up is where emotions fit into it. I've read that extroverted feeling (Fe) and introverted feeling (Fi) aren't about emotions exactly, but that's where my feelings tend to go.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to better understand extroverted feeling and introverted feeling’s relationships to emotions?"

That’s a great question. Let me give you the explanation of Fe and Fi in INF types first:

Fe: Extroverted feeling is the INFJ’s auxiliary or inner parent process, also called Harmony.

Fi: Introverted feeling is the driver process or the main process of INFP, which is called Authenticity.

The main difference between those two set types of feelings are, as the words suggests, one is introverted and one is extroverted.

Fe: Extroverted feeling is all about reflections from the outside world about what harmony is.

As an INFJ, if people keep giving you really good feedback, they make you feel comfortable and they are behaving in a way that you are important, then your extroverted feeling process is feeling very happy.

Fi: Introverted feeling is all about you as a person as opposed to the outside world.

Introverted feeling people tend to first gauge, make decisions based on how they are gauging, how something is feeling for them in the real time.

To recap:

INFP’s make decisions based on how they are feeling about a specific thing.

INFJ’s make decisions based on how does the outside world reflect back to them.

I hope that explains it to you.

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