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Quick Tips #21: Naming Your Inner Children

Question: “You suggest naming my inner child. Do I give the 3 and 10 year olds different names or do I use the same one to represent both?”

Awesome question! To give you a short answer,

it all depends on what feels right for you!

I personally started with having just one name for both of my girls. However, as my 3 year old started to stand out from behind the 10 year old’s shadow, it became clear to me that they are two very different people. As I wanted to honour both of them, they each have a specific name now.

There are people doing this work who don’t use names for their children. Instead they call the children sweetheart or honey or whatever works for them.

I want to state this again: Name the children whatever way is right for you.

I really recommend that you tune into them and maybe even ask them if they have preferences about the names. That’s another way of you honouring those girls or boys. If they don’t give you a name you can just pick out a pet name or come up with a name and you will see later on whether those names work for you.

Remember, do what’s right for you. Don’t make it too complicated. Just name them as it feels right for you. Whether same or different names, that’s fine. Whatever feels right for you, do that!

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