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Quick Tips #22: Cellular Memory

Question: “I am curious about the concept of cellular memory. I listened to session #2 of the INFx Unveiled Program this week and my intuition was triggered positively by the idea. Are there any websites, books or videos that you could recommend for me to watch to gain a greater grasp and understanding of cellular memory to perhaps quicken my ability to release the trauma?”

Awesome question! Unfortunately my short answer is: not really.

You can check out Don Hanson, he is a teacher of transformational cellular memory. For me, this website has the best information about cellular memory I have ever come across. He also offers workshops and private sessions for those who want to release their trauma through transforming cellular memory.

You could also go to Personality Hacker and do a search for cellular memory or Merja Sumiloff and you will see some blog entries that go through cellular memory to some degree as well.

Additionally, you could look into some reports on heart transplant patients or organ transplant patients with shadow memories from the organs of the people that they have received them from. This might be something that gives more understanding about what cellular memory is.

Other than that, there is very little out there.

When I worked with thousands of clients through bodywork in Ireland, I made some notes about the testing and findings on cellular memory. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to those notes as they are still in a storage in Ireland, so I can’t give you anything specific on that, other than do those exercises that are in the INFx Unveiled program.

Or if you are interested in releasing the trauma in context of being an INF-type, I can only really recommend our Deep Dive year long program. This group mentoring program will give you the tools to release trauma in a way that’s relevant to you as an INF-type and I’ll be able to work with you on a 1-2-1 level in those group sessions on this particular subject.

So, I really recommend that you look into those resources. In terms of releasing trauma, the best way to do that is to listen to yourself and choose the course or program that feels right to you.

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