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Quick Tips #25: Fear Of Public Speaking

Question: “I fear public speaking and have started to get anxiety attacks being the centre of attention. What can I do to get more comfortable around people having their focus on me?”

That's a fabulous question. Many of us introverts struggle with putting our thoughts, feelings and our innermost knowledge out there in the world, so you're not alone.

I would tackle a fear of public speaking with my extroverted processes.

As an INF-type your driver and your 10-year-old are introverted processes, but you do have your inner parent and your 3-year-old as extroverted processes.

If you can harness your extroverted inner parent process, you will become a magnificent public speaker.

The extroverted processes are exploration for INFP’s and the harmony process for INFJ’s. Harness that extroverted inner parent process and then get your playful little 3-year-old to connect with the people as you’re speaking with them.

I know so many INF-types who are fabulous speakers, but it's a learnt skill. It's not that you're born as a great speaker, you have to practice it. It's a discipline and it's a skill.

Engage your inner parent process, engage your 3-year-old in a playful way and practice, practice, practice.

Put in the hours and the conscious effort and you will get there. You will get very good at public speaking and become a great speaker.

If you need more help with that, send an email to us at and we can see how we can help you to become even a better speaker as the INF-type that you are.

I hope that helps.

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