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Quick Tips #26: Will I Ever Find My Dream Job?

Question: “I'm starting to worry that I will never find my dream job. I'm doing one job for five years and then another job for five years, and so on, never being able to settle and be happy with a job that I have. Will I ever find my perfect job? “

This is a fabulous question, simply because a lot of INF-types struggle with knowing what they're supposed to be doing.

The great news is that you're not supposed to stay in one job for all of your life. If you did, it would basically mean that you are finished exploring your purpose path.

Your purpose path is not a job. It's an essence. It’s the essence of the healing message of your inner children.

For a really long time I kept wondering what my dream job is. I was working with horses, I did bodywork and now I’m focusing on the personal development work. I’ve been doing this, that and the other, and on first glance they seemed totally unrelated. But it wasn't about the job itself. It was the essence of the healing message of my inner children.

My inner children needed to realise that they are lovable. I needed to learn that about myself. My inner children had to learn that about themselves and now I can share that gift to the world.

I learned that I am lovable and there's nothing wrong with me. That is my healing message and that's what I'm doing with people through the programs that I offer.

So, don't be discouraged if you're not “finding” your dream job. It's not about the job. It's about you feeling like you are moving in the right direction.

I had to start with the horses, because I was too uncomfortable working with people. It doesn't matter what form it takes. I could be cleaning toilets and still live out that essence of the healing message of the inner child.

To help you get a sense of your purpose path, focus on the jobs that you enjoy doing, and look for a common thread, look at what it is about those jobs that you really love.

Look for patterns of what these jobs have in common that are actually showing you what your purpose path is, and then you can start inducing your purpose path from there.

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