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INFx Mastermind session 1 Biggest Takeaways

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Last week's mastermind event is still blowing our minds. We had the most wonderful 20 people on the call co-creating at the highest INFJ/INFP personal development level, and the topics we covered ranged from depression and chronic pain to perfectionism and how to fail forward so that you'll never feel like a failure again. In the spotlight, we had our lovely INFJ Lisa, who took a deep dip into her own journey in front of the rest of the group. Well done Lisa, it's always a pleasure to work with you! In her 30-minute deep dip, we created strategies around how to face outward with her inner genius and the impressive body of knowledge and personal development she has accumulated over the year. We ended the deep dip session with a couple of solid exercises to help Lisa reach her goals of self expression and offering value to those she works with.


Here are some of the most popular take-aways from our awesome participants: THE 4 PEOPLE WITHIN: Diagrams, decision makers, information gatherers, inner children, inner grown ups.

Perfectionism: Both types are prone to perfectionism when under pressure. INFJ 10yo inner child, tertiary Accuracy introverted thinking - wants to control things in the outside worldINFP inner 3yo inner child, inferior Effectiveness extroverted thinking - gets frustrated with structures in the outside world not being in line with what’s authentic for them.

On Failing forward: Takes 30 times. 10 from incompetent to competent, 10 from competent to confident, 10 from confident to fluent. How to get out of the introverted loop? Facing outward as opposed to facing inwards.

The role of our childhood: How does our childhood affect our adult life?


And here is the feedback we have received so far: "Thank you so much for our class today, and for the gentle safety with which you hold the space so everyone can relax into simply being." "This call and interactive session is so much more relatable than doing personal development by reading. Even though Lisa is an INFJ, I've learned quite a lot about how the functions act as the inner children or parent. I also like other participant's feedback and questions because sometimes I never thought of it and it helps me to get things clearer too." "Although I am familiar with much of the content I always appreciate real life examples around the concepts being taught. It helps me relate and “own” them."

"I loved the relaxing and welcoming tone of the course. I was nervous initially because I didn't know what to expect or what the format would be like, and I was relieved to hear that I was in the right place and there was no pressure to be anywhere other than where I am. My 10 year old appreciated that feedback that we are doing a good job. The content was so relevant to me and my mind was just blown with all the insights I got from listening to you, and also to Lisa. "

"I’m loving the differences between the INF types but also the similarities and the “why” behind them. " ________________________________________________________________________________

The next Mastermind session is taking place in December, and for those of you who were asking if it's still possible to join the remaining 2 calls and receive the recording from the 1st session, you can book your LISTEN IN ONLY seat at by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

We hope you enjoyed our blog. 
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